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The counselling process

What is Counselling
Counselling is talking therapy which allows you express your thoughts and feelings to me in a safe and confidential space within a professional ethical framework. You may or may not have been in counselling before or perhaps, had an unpleasant experience previously.

I cannot promise to make things better but I can work with you to understand what it is you are thinking and feeling as you talk me through the issues you have. All sessions are structured with a verbal and written therapy contract. Once agreement is reached, sessions take place on same day and time each week for 50 minutes.

As a qualified Counsellor, I can provide you with a safe and confidential therapeutic environment if you need someone to talk to. I am here to listen to you and accept you without any judgement with warmth because you are a unique individual. Together we shall work to try and get a sense of your needs whilst I apply a range of counselling skills and therapeutic approaches such as Humanistic Approach, Psychodynamic, CBT, Transactional Analysis and Creative Therapy to give us more understanding of your presenting problem tailored to best suit your needs.

What Counselling is NOT

  • This is not an Advice Service. (Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau if needed.)
  • It is not an instant fix to your problems.
  • It is not judgemental or pick sides.
  • An escape route.
  • Wanting your counsellor to do all the work for you.

  • What to Expect . about me

    Initial & Follow-on Therapy sessions:

    Counselling / therapy within my private practice involves you talking to me about whatever has made you want to access counselling. I would look at this in a detailed assessment session lasting 50 minutes as we agree a working contract. As I follow you in your counselling journey, I would ask personal questions designed to help me understand what therapeutic approach I can use with you and gain a clearer pictures of your problem. It would also involve me obtaining your personal data and sensitive information. Please click on the Privacy Notice menu bar for details on how your data is being used during therapy.

    Our discussion would focus on how you are feeling and what you would like to talk about. Sessions would feel sometimes challenging because it might bring up painful and sometime uncomfortable feelings for you. It might make you feel sad, frustrated, angry and you will experience a variety of feelings but know that I would be with you throughout your counselling journey. We can talk about anything you want to address which could include:

  • the situation you are having difficulty with
  • your relationships and family history
  • childhood experiences
  • your feelings, emotions and thoughts
  • your behaviour
  • past and present life events

    As previously stated, I do not provide an advice service however, I believe we can work together as we look at what issues you would like to address and explore as I listen in a non-judgement way. Using open-ended questions, I will try to understand your views and gain more clarity so I can tailor my modality to meet your needs which would help you formulate your own solutions to your problems so you can achieve your goals.

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