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  • Walk & Talk Therapy coming soon this Spring 2021

    Subject to end of Lockdown and weather permitting, I shall be providing Walk & Talk Therapy this Summer.

    Remotely: You can choose a quiet outdoor space of your choice where you live that is safe and confidential for you to walk and talk during your session remotely by telephone. Hopefully, you can enjoy being outdoors, siting or walking whilst enjoying your session at the same time.

    Face to Face: If you live around my practice location in Bromley Kent and find using online and telephone therapy unsuitable or tiresome, there are lush green open spaces, streams, ponds with ducks and park benches in Churchill Gardens in Bromley Kent. We can walk through the park or sit to chat whilst adhering to the 2 meter rule, using face covering and hand sanitisers.

    Watch this space for updates!!

    January 2021

    Happy New Year to both old and new clients!
    Even though Covid-19 is on the rise, I thank God we made it into 2021.
    I wish you all a healthy and blessed year ahead.

    December 2020

    Remembering my Dad this Christmas
    It turned into a dark winter evening when I was told 9 months ago on 10th March 2020 at 7:30pm that my dad had passed away. The days following that felt darker and the pain of not seeing or speaking to him lingered in my heart. I was in shock as I had only spoken to him 2 days prior and he seemed weak but okay. No matter how old our parents are, we still feel the pain in their death. Not being able to call dad and see him, was like a passing wind I could feel but not touch. I attended bereavement counselling for 9 weeks and it helped me understand my feeling around his death and thereafter. As a Counsellor, this helped me recover quickly so I could support my own clients after taking a few weeks off work to grieve. Grieving takes time and we all grieve differently and over the past 9 months when I think of my dad, the pain becomes lesser because I have learnt to fill my mind with good memories. I know he is at peace and resting well in God's Heaven which gives me so much peace right now. I love you dad. Rest in Peace.
    Dedicated to Late Mr M. Tanrien and Written by Henzy Tanrien-Sawyer

    Have you loss a loved one this year and want to talk things through about how you are feeling? I know how tough it must be for some of you and I am here to support you through bereavement counselling because I know what it feels to lose a loved one. Book now for a free initial assessment.

    November 2020

    Anxious about lockdown this winter?
    - Stay calm!! You have experienced what lockdown is all about so don't panic.
    - Focus and re-assess what you didn't do in March and what you feel needs to to done.
    - Ensure you put a mental well-being plan together if there is a possible local or national isolation in place this winter.
    - Pay attention to your own needs and wants and do not allow the media to scare you.
    - Turn off the news if you feel affected by it.
    - Remember, self-care is important. Keep your mind focused on things that are positive that make your feel happy.
    - Find a new hobby that isn't too tasking knowing the weather is getting colder.
    - Stay connected with people who make you feel good about yourself.
    - Read, pray and reward yourself in a healthy way.
    - Be grateful to God always that you are alive.

    Click on PDF - Positive steps to Well-being

    The Lounge. Positive Steps to well-being

    October 2020

    House of Thoughts
    As I meditated, I thought to myself. It is a constant battle for us humans to identify negative and positive thoughts and differentiate which is actually ours or that nagging voice from the past or present. It can sometimes feel like the good and bad fighting to gain dominance with a persistent pressure on one's mind that sometimes seem too much to bear. Learning to identify your thoughts and filtering them in order to have a clear view may sometimes feel challenging. You are not alone if your feel that way. Writing down your thoughts as they occur may help you identify them, noticing any feelings you have as you write them down to reflect on.
    Written by Henzy Tanrien-Sawyer

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