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My Counselling journey

Hello, my name is Mrs Henzy Tanrien-Sawyer (MNCS Prof. Accred.) and I am a qualified experienced Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor & Clinical Supervisor located in Bromley, Kent. I provide counselling and psychotherapy to people wanting to explore their mental and emotional distresses. I am also a Christian Counsellor supporting both non-faith and those seeking Christian Counselling and mentorship. Equal opportunities applies! I am 53 years old and married with 4 children (2 adults & 2 teenagers).

As a UK based Practitioner, I am covered and governed by English & Welsh Law. I am also a registered Professional Accredited member of National Counselling Society (NCS) and follow their ethical framework which informs how I practice. I have a clean up-to-date DBS record and registered with ICO.

My initial counselling journey started in 1998 in the social care field where I experienced adults, children, friends and family approached me to talk about their emotional and psychological issues. In 2003, I trained formally to become a Counsellor but decided to go further into Social care where I used those skills as a practitioner, to support vulnerable children & families both in statutory and voluntary organisations for over 20 years.

I know and understand what it feels like to go through psychological and emotional distresses because, it is something every human being have and will experience at various points in life. In 1990, I found myself overwhelmed with life's issues however, with my Christian faith and counselling support, change happened in me over several decades as I reflected and discovered new truths about myself.

My heart desire is to see that people who are experiencing mental, emotional and spiritual difficulties reach mental wellness. It is okay to seek help because you will not be alone. I am here with you every step of the way to help and encourage you in your counselling journey,

My passion for working with vulnerable people so they can enjoy a mental wellbeing, prompted me to retrained as a counsellor in 2018. I enjoy working in a therapeutic setting providing therapy to Adults, Couples, Families, Groups and Young People from diverse backgrounds. This gives me opportunity to see and experience the uniqueness in diverse cultures, beliefs and background of how each client sees their own world.

I use counselling skills such as empathy when listening to clients, seeing things from their own perspective without judgement, as we explore their problems and concerns together. I believe all my clients are unique human beings in their own way and have a right to access counselling if they chose to do so.

Community Work

I have worked within local community since 1998 and statutory organisations where I contributed to the positive changes in the lives of families, adults, children and young people who struggled with emotional & psychological distresses.

In 2002, I set up and managed a small community registered charity funded by the local government up until 2006 which helped improved and made a difference to individual lives and community living.

In 2018, I volunteered as a Counsellor providing therapeutic counselling to Adults, Young People and Children in Bromley using an Integrative Counselling approach which has given me the confidence to set up my own private practice.


  • Nominated Islington Volunteer of the Year 2005
  • Millennium Awards Winner - Peabody Trust - 2004
  • Community Champions Award Winner - Scarman Trust 2003

  • My personal testimony

    Even though my journey in life hasn't always been an easy one, being a Believer with faith in Jesus Christ certainly helped me address emotional and psychological problems I encountered as a child growing up in the early 70s.

    No matter your situation, Faith or Non-Faith, I care about your mental and emotional wellbeing. As we work together, what matters is when you start acknowledging and understanding that change will only happen when you put in the effort.

    I feel free in my mind and counselling contributed to allowing me find a new ways forward as I experienced change which I explored over several decades. I believe in you to reach that goal you are aiming for.

    In my view, counselling is all about the client and what they are bringing to the session. What they are feeling and thinking and helping them understand they own journey as I work with them in an ethical and professional manner that does not compromise our counselling relationship. Book Now!! for a therapy session.

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